The Executive Environment Agency /link/ is an administration unit of the Ministry of Environment and Water, with a primary mission to work for the preservation of the natural heritage of Bulgaria, using national and international experience, providing monitoring on environment and nationally representative data on its status.

The Agency is a National Coordination Center of the European Environment Agency/link/ and a member of the Network of Directors of Environment Agencies /link/.

To provide in-time and reliable information about the status of the environment and the factors influencing it, a National System for Environmental Monitoring is set in place /link/.

By sampling and laboratory analysis, the monitoring system provides data on air quality and air emissions, climate change, emissions of harmful substances in ambient air, quality and quantity of surface and groundwater, status of lands and soils, biodiversity.

The collected information on the status of all elements of the environment is used to evaluate the application of the legislative documents in Bulgaria and the implementation of the obligations deriving from the membership in the European Union and other international agreements.

In performing its functions, the Executive Environment Agency prepares a National report on the status of environment of Bulgaria, a National Inventory Greenhouse Gas Report for Bulgaria and other reports.

On the website of the Agency, a wide range of specialized daily and quarterly newsletters are being published.