Basin – level water management is performed by the 4 Basin Directorates /BD/: the Danube River Basin Directorate    with a center in Pleven, the Black Sea Basin Directorate with a center in Varna, the East Aegean River Basin Directorate with center in Plovdiv and the West Aegean River Basin Directorate with a center Blagoevgrad /links/.

BD have management, regulatory, control and informative functions.

In carrying out the functions of water management, the BD develop, update and implement River Basin Management Plans, Flood Risk Management Plans and Marine Strategy. The Basin Directorates are responsible for mineral waters – exclusive state property that are not available to concession and / or municipalities. The BD plan and participate in conducting monitoring under the Water Act, as they summarize and analyze the data. In addition, they define the natural and available resources of groundwater bodies and establish sanitary protection areas around drinking water supply facilities.

The regulatory functions of the BD are most closely related to the permits for water abstraction and use of water bodies, introduced by the Water Act as a means to regulate water use for the needs of society and the economy.

The control on the status and conductivity of river beds, the implementation of activities within water bodies, the observation of prohibitions and restrictions within the boundaries of sanitary protection areas, the fulfillment of the conditions specified in the permits as issued, including the payment of fees due for water abstraction for water body use and pollution, identify the main part of the control functions of the BD.

The informative functions are performed by providing information to the public about the status of water. The Basin Directorates cooperate with the competent authorities of other countries in terms of international basin management. The BD maintain specialized databases, maps, registers and information system on water, as they carry out the public consultations on planning documents.