According to the Protected Areas Act, as specialized regional agencies of the Ministry, three directorates of national parks (DNP) – DNP Rila, DNP Pirin and DNP Central Balkan /links/ are established to carry out management and control functions on site.

The main functions of the directorates are related to the management and protection of national parks; implementation of their management plans; assigning activities provided for in the management plans and development plans and projects; coordination and control over the activities carried out by other bodies, organizations and individuals; implementation of educational and informational programs and projects; monitoring of environmental components and database maintenance; penalization of violators.

The Protected Areas Act defines the objectives of the management of national parks in two complementary directions – preservation of the unique nature and providing opportunities for science, education, recreation and sustainable livelihood of the population in the settlements around them. The terms of park resources utilization are determined depending on their location in the park and their specific type. These conditions are fundamental in determining the functional areas and the respective regimes and norms for use of their resources.

The main instrument for managing parks are their management plans of the specific territories.